Date: 17th June 2016
300/500V Mica+XLPE Or SR Insulated Overall Screened Multicore Fire Resistant Instrumentation Cables
300/500V Mica+XLPE or SR Insulated & Overall screened Multicore fire resistant Instrumentation cablesRE-2X(St)H...CI. FE 180 PH30 ( CU/MGT+XLPE/OS/LSZH 300/500V Class 2 )RE-2G(St)H...CI. FE 180 PH30 ( CU/SR/OS/LSZH 300/500V Class 2 )RE-2X(St)HSWAH...CI. FE 180 PH30 ( CU/MGT+XLPE/OS/LSZH/SWA/LSZH 300/500V Class 2 )RE-2G(St)HSWAH...CI. FE 180 PH30 ( CU/SR/OS/LSZH/SWA/LSZH 300/500V Class 2 )Application:These cables are designed,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, manufactured and tested as data transmission cables for emergency services. These are used for data and voice transmission when high frequency signal has to be assured also in the event of a fire.STANDARDS:Basic design to BS 5308/BS 7629-1FIRE PERFORMANCECircuit IntegrityIEC 60331-21; BS 6387 CWZ; DIN VDE 0472-814(FE180);BS 8434-1 (30mins); BS 5839-1 Clause 26 2d; CEI 20-36/2-1; SS229-1; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F3); NF C32-070-2.3(CR1)Circuit Integrity with mechanicalshockEN 50200(PH30); CEI 20-36/4-0Circuit Integrity with mechanicalshock & water sprayEN 50200 annex ESystem circuit integrityDIN 4102-12, E30 depending on lay systemFlame Retardance (Single VerticalWire Test)EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2; BS EN 60332-1-2;VDE 0482-332-1 ; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F1); NF C32-070-2.1(C2); CEI 20-35/1-2; EN 50265-2-1*; DIN VDE 0482-265-2-1*Reduced Fire Propagation(Vertically-mounted bundled wires& cable test)EN 60332-3-24 (cat. C); IEC 60332-3-24; BS EN 60332-3-24; VDE 0482-332-3; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F2); NF C32-070-2.2(C1); CEI 20-22/3-4; EN 50266-2-4*; DIN VDE 0482-266-2-4Halogen FreeIEC 60754-1; EN 50267-2-1; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-1; CEI 20-37/2-1 ; BS 6425-1*No Corrosive Gas EmissionIEC 60754-2; EN 50267-2-2; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-2; CEI 20-37/2-2 ; BS 6425-2*Minimum Smoke EmissionIEC 61034-1&2; EN 61034 -1&2; DIN VDE 0482-1034-1&2; CEI 20-37/3-1&2; EN 50268-1&2*; BS 7622-1&2*No Toxic gasesNES 02-713; NF C 20-454Note: Asterisk * denotes superseded standard.VOLTAGE RATING300/500 VCABLE CONSTRUCTION?Conductor: Plain annealed copper wire, stranded according to IEC(EN) 60228 class 2.Insulation: Mica glass tape covered by extruded cross-linked XLPE compound or fire resistantsilicone rubber compound type EI2 as per BS 7655-1.1.Cabling: The cores are cabled together in concentric layers with suitable non-hygroscopic fillers.Overall Screen: Aluminum/polyester tape with 0.5mm2 screen (7/0.3mm) with tinned copper drainwire.Inner Sheath(optional):Thermoplastic LSZH compound type LTS3 as per BS 7655-6.1Armouring(optional): Galvanized steel wire armourOuter Sheath: Thermoplastic LSZH compound type LTS3 as per BS 7655-6.1(Thermosetting LSZHcompound type SW2-SW4 as per BS 7655-2.6 can be offered.)COLOUR CODEInsulation Colour: White with black numberings.Sheath Colour: Orange (other colours on request).TYPE CODERE- Instrumentation cable H Halogen free & zero halogen2X XLPE 2G Silicon Rubber(St) Static shield of aluminium tape SWA Steel Wire ArmouredFE180 Insulation integrity (950?C 180 minutes) CI Circuit integrityPH 90 Fire Test for 90 mins at 830?CPhysical AND THERMAL PROPERTIESTemperature range during operation (fixed state): -30?C ? +90?CTemperature range during installation (mobile state): -20?C ? +50?CMinimum bending radius: 6 x Overall Diameter (unarmoured cables with silicone rubber insulation)8 x Overall Diameter (unarmoured cables with XLPE insulation)10 x Overall Diameter (armoured cables)Electrical PROPERTIESDielectric test:2000 V r.m.s. x 5' (core/core)Insulation resistanceXLPE: ?1000 M? x km (at 20?C)SR: ?300 M? x km (at 20?C)Short circuit temperatureXLPE: 250?CSR: 350?CCONSTRUCTION PARAMETERSConductorRE-2X(St)H.CI. FE 180 PH30RE-2G(St)H.CI. FE 180 PH30RE-2X(St)HSWAH...CI. FE 180 PH30RE-2G(St)HSWAH...CI. FE 180 PH30No. of Core X Cross SectionNo./ Nominal Diameter of StrandsNominal Insulation ThicknessUnarmouredArmouredNominal Overall DiameterApprox. WeightDiameter Under ArmourArmour Wire DiameterNominal Overall DiameterApprox. Weightmm2no./mmmmmmkg/kmmmmmmmkg/km2 core2x1.07/0.430.68.0828.00.9012.42882x1.57/0.530.78.51018.50.9013.13422x2.57/0.670.810.513710.50.9015.14192x47/0.850.812.518012.50.9017.14843 core3x1.07/0.430.68.01008.00.9012.43243x1.57/0.530.79.51279.50.9014.13833x2.57/0.670.812.017612.00.9016.64663x47/0.850.813.523613.50.9018.15604 core4x1.07/0.430.69.01279.00.9013.63834x1.57/0.530.710.516110.50.9015.14454x2.57/0.670.813.022413.00.9017.65484x47/0.850.815.030215.01.2520.57727 core7x1.07/0.430.611.018711.00.915.64857x1.57/0.530.712.525012.50.9017.35977x2.57/0.670.815.035415.01.2520.586212 core12x1.57/0.530.716.040216.01.2521.799712x2.57/0.670.820.058520.01.6026.4142119 core19x1.57/0.530.719.059719.01.6025.6146519x2.57/0.670.824.087324.01.6030.61837Note : Other conductor sizes & core configurations are available upon request.
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