Date: 17th June 2016
600/1000V LSZH Sheathed, Screened (3C+3E)
600/1000V LSZH Sheathed,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, Screened (3C+3E) Application:The cables are designed specifically to suit the broad spectrum of requirements of Variable Speed Drives and also include features for reducing the transmission of electromagnetic interference. ? ? ?These range of cables are able to reduce capacitance of power conductors and have an electrically balanced construction which includes split earths and a copper screen. ? ? ?This range of screened cables drastically reduce interferences from electrical noise, especially in Variable Speed Drive (VSD) applications and are manufactured with fixed conductors. ? ? ?With shield conductivity of 1/10th of phase conductor conductivity, this range of VSD cables effectively restrain radiated and conducted radio-frequency emissions.Standard:Basic design to IEC 60502-1FIRE PERFORMANCEFlame Retardance (Single Vertical Wire Test)EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2; BS EN 60332-1-2; VDE 0482-332-1 ; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F1); NF C32-070-2.1(C2); CEI 20-35/1-2; EN 50265-2-1*; DIN VDE 0482-265-2-1*Reduced Fire Propagation (Vertically-mounted bundled wires & cable test)EN 60332-3-24 (cat. C); IEC 60332-3-24; BS EN 60332-3-24; VDE 0482-332-3; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F2); NF C32-070-2.2(C1); CEI 20-22/3-4; EN 50266-2-4*; DIN VDE 0482-266-2-4Halogen FreeIEC 60754-1; EN 50267-2-1; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-1; CEI 20-37/2-1 ; BS 6425-1*No Corrosive Gas EmissionIEC 60754-2; EN 50267-2-2; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-2; CEI 20-37/2-2 ; BS 6425-2*minimum Smoke EmissionIEC 61034-1&2; EN 61034 -1&2; DIN VDE 0482-1034-1&2; CEI 20-37/3-1&2; EN 50268-1&2*; BS 7622-1&2*No Toxic gasesNES 02-713; NF C 20-454Note: Asterisk * denotes superseded standard.VOLTAGE RATING?600/1000VCABLE CONSTRUCTION ?Conductor: Plain annealed copper wire, stranded according to IEC(EN) 60228 class 2.?Insulation: Extruded cross-linked XLPE compound.?Screen: Copper Tape?Outer Sheath: Thermoplastic LSZH compound type LTS3 as per BS 7655-6.1 (Thermosetting LSZH compound type SW2-SW4 as per BS 7655-2.6 can be offered.)COLOUR CODEInsulation Colour: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green/Yellow (x3)?Outer sheath: Black or as orderPhysical AND THERMAL PROPERTIESTemperature range during operation: Max.90?C for XLPE250?C in short-circuit for 5s max.Minimum bending radius: 10 x Overall DiameterCONSTRUCTION PARAMETERSConductorNo. of Core X Cross SectionNo./Nominal Diameter of StrandsCombined Earth SizeNominal Insulation ThicknessNominal Sheath ThicknessNominal Overall DiameterApprox. Weightmm?No./mmmm?mmmmmmkg/km3x1.57/0.534.5(3x1.5)0.71.813.63253x2.57/0.674.5(3x1.5)0.71.814.83803x47/0.854.5(3x1.5)0.71.815.84403x67/1.047.5(3x2.5)0.71.816.95503x107/1.3512(3x4)0.71.818.67503x167/1.7018(3x6)0.71.820.810003x257/2.1430(3x10)0.91.824.014703x357/2.5230(3x10)0.91.825.618903x5019/1.7830(3x10)1.01.931.123003x7019/2.1448(3x16) PROPERTIES?Conductor Operating Temperature : 90?C?Ambient Temperature : 30?CCurrent-Carrying Capacities (Amp)Conductor cross- sectional areaReference method 4 (enclosed in conduit in thermally insulating wall etc)Reference method 3 (enclosed in conduit on a wall or in trunking etc)Reference method 1 (clipped direct)Reference method 11 (on a perforated cable tray, horizontal or vertical)Reference method 12 (free air)Horizontal flat spacedVertical flat spacedTrefoil2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c.3 or 4 cables, 3-phase a.c.2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c3 or 4 cables, 3-phase a.c.2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c. flat and touching3 or 4 cables, 3-phase a.c. flat and touching or trefoil2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c. or flat and touching3 or 4 cables, 3-phase a.c. flat and touching or trefoil2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c. or 3 c ables three phase2 cables, single- phase a.c. or d.c. or 3 cables three phase3 cables, trefoil 3-phase a.c.123456789101112mm?AAAAAAAAAAA1.5181722192523-----2.5242330263431-----4333040354641-----6433951455954-----10585371638174-----167670958510999-----251009112611114313015814018316313835125111156138176161195176226203171501491351891682282092932152742462097018917024021429326830827935131827095228205290259355326375341426389330120263235336299413379436398495453385150300270375328476436505461570524445185341306426370545500579530651600511240400358500433644590686630769711606300459410573493743681794730886824701Voltage Drop (Per Amp Per Meter)Size of conductor2 cables d.c.2 cables, single-phase a.c.3 or 4 cables, 3-phase a.c.Ref. Methods 3 and 4 (enclosed in conduit etc, in or on a wall)Ref. Methods 1 and 11 (clipped direct or on trays touching)Ref. Methods 3 and 4 (enclosed in conduit etc, in or on a wall)Ref. Methods 1, 11 and 12 (in trefoil)Ref. Methods 1 and 11(Flat and touching)1234567mm?mV/A/mmV/A/mmV/A/mmV/A/mmV/A/mmV/A/m1.53131272727272.5191916161616433121010101067.
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