Date: 17th June 2016
Fire Resistant Central Loose Tube Optical Fiber Cables
Fire Resistant Central Loose Tube Optical Fiber CablesApplicationThese optical fiber cables are designed to data transmission in ship and specially in cruise ship where low smoke,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, halogen free and fire resistant cables are required to increase safety on board, suitable for flexible installation on and below deck of commercial ships without constant exposure to oil, grease and other lubricants.StandardsIEC 60092-350/351/352/353/359/370/376IEC 60332-1-2IEC 60332-3-22IEC 60754-1/2IEC 61034IEC 60331-11 and -25ConstructionOptical FiberLoose tube, gel filled.Inner TapeFire protection tape.Outer TapeFire protection tape.Outer SheathSHF1.Fiber SpecificationG50/125G62.5/125E9/125Geometry/Mechanical PropertiesCore Diameter?m50 ? 2.562.5 ? 3Mode Field Diameter (at 1310 nm)?m9.2 ? 0.4Cladding Diameter?m125 ? 2125 ? 1125 ? 2Coating Diameter?m245 ? 10245 ? 5245 ? 10Core Non-circularity%< 5< 5Cladding Non-circularity%< 1< 1< 1Core/Clad Concentricity Error?m< 1.5< 1.5< 0.8Eccentricity of Coating?m< 10< 10< 10Screen Test?100 kpsi?100 kpsi?100 kpsiTransmission PropertiesOM2OM1OS1Wavelengthnm8501300850130013101550Attenuation Max.dB/km2. Min.MHz. km5001000250600Effective Group of Refraction1.4831.4781.4971.4931.46951.4701Numerical Aperture0.200 ? 0.0150.275 ? 0.015Dispersion Coef?cient Max.ps/nm.km3.518Zero Dispersion Wavelengthnm1300?1322Dispersion Slopeps/nm? .km?0.092Cutoff Wavelength (cabled)nm?1250Polarization Mode Dispersionps/km1/2?0.1Mechanical and Thermal PropertiesBending Radius for Fixed Installations: 20?ODTemperature Range: -20? ~ +60?Dimensions and WeightPart No.No. of Optical FibersNominal Overall Diameter mmNominal Weight kg/kmUE092-FCLA-X-12-H-J1210.0115UE092-FCLB-X-24-H-J2410.5125Note: X: Fiber type (0=Fiber and copper conductors in cable 4=50/125 multi-mode fiber (OM3); 5=50/125 multi-mode fiber (OM2); 6=50/125 multi-mode fiber (OM1); 7=NZDS SM fiber per G.656.; 8=NZDS SM fiber per G.655.; 9=Standard SM fiber per G.652.D)
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