Date: 17th June 2016
Flame Retardant CAT6 CWB/SWB/SWA Armoured Data Cables PVC Sheath
Flame Retardant CAT6 CWB/SWB/SWA Armoured Data Cables CAT6 U/UTP4P23CAT6 F/UTP4P23CAT6 SF/FTP4P23Application:Cat6 Cable is a cable standard for Gigabit Ethernet and other network protocol,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, suitable for 10BaseT, 100BaseTx & 1000BaseT (Gigabit Ethernet) application. In addition, these cables can be offered with copper wire braid armoured & flame retardant outer sheath, providing additional mechanically protection still maintaining the flexibility of the cable.STANDARDS:Basic design adapted to EN50173FIRE PERFORMANCEFlame Retardance (Single Vertical Wire Test)**EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2; BS EN 60332-1-2; VDE 0482-332-1 ; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F1); NF C32-070-2.1(C2); CEI 20-35/1-2; EN 50265-2-1*; DIN VDE 0482-265-2-1*Reduced Fire Propagation (Vertically-mounted bundled wires & cable test)**EN 60332-3-24 (cat. C); IEC 60332-3-24; BS EN 60332-3-24; VDE 0482-332-3; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F2); NF C32-070-2.2(C1); CEI 20-22/3-4; EN 50266-2-4*; DIN VDE 0482-266-2-4Note: Asterisk ** denotes that the standard compliance is optional, depending on the oxygen index of the PVC compound and the cable design.VOLTAGE RATING60VCABLE CONSTRUCTIONConductors: 23AWG solid bare copper.Insulation: HDPE.Twinning: Two coloured insulated conductors twisted together to form a pair.Inner Sheath: Flame retardant, low smoke and halogen-free polyolefin, coloured black.Armouring:cwb: copper Wire Braidswb: Steel WireBraid swa: Steel Wire ArmourOuter Sheath: Thermoplastic PVC compound. UV resistance, hydrocarbon resistance, oil resistance, anti rodent and anti termite properties can be offered as option. Compliance to fire performance standard (IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3, UL 1581, UL 1666 etc) depends on the oxygen index of the PVC compound and the overall cable design. LSPVC can also be provided upon request.Cat6 F/UTP: These cables have collective shielding of aluminium/Polyester tape with drain wire.Cat6 SF/UTP: These cables have double collective shieldings of aluminium/Polyester tape & copper wire braid with drain wire.Physical AND THERMAL PROPERTIESTemperature range: -30?C ~ +75?CMinimum bending radius during installation (mobile state): 8 x Overall DiameterMinimum bending radius during operation (fixed state): 4 x Overall DiameterElectrical PropertiesAWG23Nominal Conductor Diametermm0.56/0.57/0.58Maximum DC Resistant@20?C? /100m9.38Maximum DCR Unbalance%3Maximum Mutual CapacitancepF/m5.8Maximum Capacitance UnbalancepF/100m30Characteristic Impedance@1-100MHz?100+/-15Maximum Propagation Delay Skewns/100m18Transmission PropertiesFREQ MHzMaximum Attenuation dB/100mMinimum NEXT dBMinimum PSNEXT dBMinimum ELFEXT dB/100mMinimum PSELFEXT dB/100mMinimum RL dB0.7721.876. SF/UTPCONSTRUCTION PARAMETERSCable CodeConstruction No. of elements?No. of cores in element?Conductor diameterNominal Insulation ThicknessNominal Inner Sheath ThicknessNominal Outer Sheath ThicknessNominal Overall DiameterNominal Weightmmmmmmmmmmkg/kmCAT6 U/UTP CWB4?2?0.56/0.570. U/UTP SWB4?2?0.56/0.570. U/UTP SWA4?2?0.56/0.570. F/UTP CWB4?2?0.57/0.580. F/UTP SWB4?2?0.57/0.580. F/UTP SWA4?2?0.57/0.580. SF/UTP CWB4?2?0.57/0.580. SF/UTP SWB4?2?0.57/0.580. SF/UTP SWA4?2?0.57/0.580.
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