Date: 17th June 2016
VDE Standard Industrial Cables H03VV-F/H03VVH2-F pplication and DescriptionThese cable types are especially suited for use on small appliances with low mechanical stress and for connection for light household appliances,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, e.g. kitchen utensils, desk lamps, floor lamps, vacuum cleaners, office machines, radios, etc. As far as these cables are admitted to the relevant specifications of the equipment, They are not permitted for use with cooking or heating apparatus. Cables with cross section 0.75 mm? are not suitable for outdoor use or use of industrial or farmer machineries. Max operating voltage in single or three phase system is Uo/U 330/330 volts. In a direct current system max operating voltage is Uo/U 495/495 volts.Standard and ApprovalBS6500, CENELEC HD21.5, VDE 0281, CEI 20-20/5, CEI 20-35 (EN60332-1), CEI 20-52, CE low voltage directive 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EEC.ROHS compliantCable Construction1- Bare copper fine wire conductor2- Stranded to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5, BS 6360 cl. 5, IEC 60228 cl. 5 and HD 383- PVC core insulation T12 to VDE-0281 Part 1- Color coded to VDE-0293-308- Green-yellow grounding (3 conductors and above)3- PVC outer jacket TM2Technical Characteristics- Working voltage: 300/300 volts- Test voltage: 2000 volts- Flexing bending radius: 7.5 x ?- Static bending radius: 4 x ?- Flexing temperature: -5? C to +70? C- Static temperature: -40? C to +70? C- Short circuit temperature: +160? C- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1- Insulation resistance: 20 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREA # X MM?NOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONMMNOMINAL THICKNESS OF SHEATHMMNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETERMMNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTKG/KMNOMINAL WEIGHTKG/KMH03VV-F20(16/32)2 x 0.500.50.659.63820(16/32)3 x 0.500.50.65.414.44520(16/32)4 x 0.500.50.65.819.25518(24/32)2 x 0.750.50.65.514.44618(24/32)3 x 0.750.50.6621.65918(24/32)4 x 0.750.50.66.528.87218(24/32)5 x 0.750. x 0.500.50.63.2 x 5.29.73218(24/32)2 x 0.750.50.63.4 x 5.614.435
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