Date: 17th June 2016
H05V3V3H6-F/ H05V3V3D3H6-F
German Standard Industrial Cables H05V3V3H6-F/ H05V3V3D3H6-FApplication and DescriptionThis kind of flat cables are used in crews of elevators for people and have burdens,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, and conducting very swift and hard parts of machines.H05V3V3H6-F type cables having no strechter carrier elements are adviced to use in elevator instalations max. swift not pass 4.0 m/s.These cables freely hanging height is max. 45m and movement limit is max 80m. For the H05V3V3D3H6-F, at the swifts between 4.0/s to 6.3m/s, it?s adviced to use the cables having strechter carrier elements. H05V3V3D3H6-F type cables freely hanging height is max. 80m movement limit is max. 150m.Standard and ApprovalEN 50214HD 359 S3IEC 60332-1CSA C22.2 N? 49DIN VDE 0281 part 404UL 62Cable ConstructionBare copper strand conductoracc. to DIN VDE 0295 class 5/6 resp. IEC 60228 class 5/6PVC T15 core insulationColor coded to VDE 0293-308, >6 wires black with white numerals with green/yellow wireBlack PVC TM 4 sheathTechnical CharacteristicsWORKING VOLTAGE: 300/500VTEST VOLTAGE: 2000VFLEXING TEMPERATURE: -35 ?C to +70 ?CFLAME RETARDANT: IEC 60332 -1INSULATION RESISTANCE: 350 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREANOMINAL OVERALL DIMENSIONNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTNOMINAL WEIGHT# X MM?MMKG/KMKG/KMH05V3V3H6-F18(24/32)12 x 0.7533.7 x 4.37925118(24/32)16 x 0.7544.5 x 4.310533318(24/32)18 x 0.7549.2 x 4.311837118(24/32)20 x 0.7555.0 x 4.313141518(24/32)24 x 0.7565.7 x 4.315749617(32/32)12 x 135.0 x 4.410528517(32/32)16 x 151.0 x 4.415742217(32/32)20 x 157.0 x 4.417547217(32/32)24 x 168.0 x 4.4210565H05V3V3D3H6-F18(24/32)20 x 0.7561.8 x 4.213146218(24/32)24 x 0.7572.4 x 4.215754617(32/32)12 x 141.8 x 4.310533017(32/32)14 x 147.8 x 4.312238217(32/32)18 x 157.8 x 4.315747017(32/32)22 x 169.8 x 4.319257217(32/32)24 x 174.8 x 4.3210617
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