Date: 17th June 2016
VDE Standard Industrial Cables H07BN4-F WIND90Application and Descriptionthese cables are made witd syntdetic rubbers having an excellent temperature resistance and can be used either in dry,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, humid or wet places or in contact with oil or grease, in weatder conditions and under medium mechanical stress, for example power supply to equipment in industrial plants, large size boilers, heating plates, portable lamps, electrical tools such as drilling machines, disk saws, portable engines and machines, building and farming equipments etc.These cables are also suitable for stationary equipments, for example designed for wind-tower application, the particular conductor Cable Construction and the used materials have improved the cable torsion resistance (max 150?/m), key requirement for drop cables in windgenerators, on plaster in temporary buildings and builders huts, and wiring in machinery elevators or similar.Suitable for caravans and camping equipment. Especially recommended for service temperature up to 90?C togetder witd good resistance to hot grease and oil. Therefore these cables are ideal for use in plants and industries dealing witd grease, oil or oil emulsion treatments, transformation or handling.Standard and ApprovalNF C 32-102-12ROHS compliantCable ConstructionFine bare copper strandsStrands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Class-5EPR(Etdylene Propylene Rubber) rubber EI7 insulationColor code VDE-0293-308Special polychloroprene rubber outer jacket EM7Technical CharacteristicsWORKING VOLTAGE: 450/750 voltsTEST VOLTAGE: 2500 voltsFLEXING BENDING RADIUS: 6.0 x ?FIXED BENDING RADIUS: 4.0 x ?TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40?C to +90?CWIND ENERGY: -15?C to +90?CMAXIMUM SHORT CIRCUIT TEMPERATURE: +250?CFLAME RETARDANT: NF C 32-070C2/NF C 32-070INSULATION RESISTANCE: 20 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREANOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONNOMINAL THICKNESS OF SHEATHNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETERNOMINAL WEIGHT# X MM?MMMMMMKG/KM17(32/32)2 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 2.50.9214.132914(50/30)7 x x x x x 411.57.48912(56/28)2 x 411.812.623812(56/28)3 x 411.913.529212(56/28)4 x 41214.835912(56/28)5 x 412.216.342212(56/28)7 x 413.119.661810(84/28)1 x 611.68.111510(84/28)2 x 611.813.828210(84/28)3 x 612.114.835510(84/28)4 x 612.316.444910(84/28)5 x 61.23.618.15678(80/26)1 x 101.21.810.41908(80/26)2 x 101.22.319.45398(80/26)3 x 101.23.320.76748(80/26)4 x 101.23.422.68338(80/26)5 x 101.23.624.810106(128/26)1 x 161.21.911.62596(128/26)2 x 161.22.821.87226(128/26)3 x 161.23.523.39136(128/26)4 x 161.23.625.411386(128/26)5 x 161.23.928.114004(200/26)1 x251.4213.73754(200/26)2 x 251.43.325.910434(200/26)4 x x 251.44.433.920962(280/26)1 x 351.42.215.44922(280/26)3 x 351.44.131.017452(280/26)4 x 351.44.434.322042(280/26)5 x 351.44.739.628101(400/26)1 x 501.62.417.76751(400/26)3 x 501.63.635.824091(400/26)4 x 501.64.839.630291(400/26)5 x 501.65.144.140502/0(356/24)1 x 701.62.620.09082/0(356/24)3 x 701.64.240.532112/0(356/24)4 x 701.65.244.941213/0(485/24)1 x 951.82.822.111713/0(485/24)3 x 951.84.845.142103/0(485/24)4 x 951.85.950.453614/0(614/24)1x 1201.8324.514454/0(614/24)3 x 1201.84.849.952054/0(614/24)4 x 1201.8655.36546300 MCM (765/24)1 x 15023.226.91783300 MCM (765/24)3 x 1502?5.2?54.86389300 MCM (765/24)4 x 1502?6.4?60.98095350 MCM (944/24)1 x 1852.23.428.92125350 MCM (944/24)4 x 1852.2?6.8?65.79652500 MCM (1221/24)1x 2402.43.532.62733500 MCM (1221/24)4x 2402.4?7.2?75.512614-1 x 3002.63.636.53348
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