Date: 17th June 2016
VDE Standard Industrial Cables H07ZZ-FApplication and DescriptionThese LSZH cables are flexible,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, mainly used for mobile service, suitable for installations where is required low smoke and halogen free fumes under fire conditions. Suitable for installations where tde cable must witdstand medium mechanical stress, for machines in industrial and agricultural workshops, for motors and some transportable machines , for wind mills and for agricultural exploitations.Standard and ApprovalHD22.13 S1 & A1VDE-0282 Part-13CEI 20-19 p.13IEC 60245-4IEC 60754EN 61034CE low voltage directive 73/23/EEC & 93/68/EECROHS compliantCable ConstructionFine bare copper strandsStrands to VDE-0295 Class-5, IEC 60228 Class-5Halogen free rubber compound EI 8 acc. to EN 50363-5Color code to VDE-0293-308Black halogen free rubber compound EM8 jacketTechnical CharacteristicsFLEXING VOLTAGE: 450/750 voltsFIXED VOLTAGE: 600/1000 voltsTEST VOLTAGE: 2500 voltsFLEXING BENDING RADIUS: 6 x ?FIXED BENDING RADIUS: 4 x ?FLEXING TEMPERATURE: -5 ?C to +70 ?CFIXED TEMPERATURE: -40 ?C to +70 ?CSHORT CIRCUIT TEMPERATURE: +250 ?CFLAME RETARDANT: IEC 60332.3 C1, NF C 32-070INSULATION RESISTANCE: 20 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREANOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONNOMINAL THICKNESS OF SHEATHNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETERNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTNOMINAL WEIGHT# X MM?MMMMMM(MIN-MAX)KG/KMKG/KM17?32/32?2 x x x x 10.81.610.2-13.14617116?30/30?1 x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 411.57.2-9.03810112?56/28?3 x 411.912.7-16.211529312?56/28?4 x 412.014.0-17.915436812?56/28?5 x 412.215.6-19.919245012?56/28?12 x 413.524.2-30.94641049
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