Date: 17th June 2016
Harmonized Code Industrial Cables H05Z-U H07Z-U H07Z-R
Harmonized Code Industrial Cables H05Z-U/H07Z-U/H07Z-RApplication and DescriptionThese cables are designed for tde internal wiring of switchboards and distributor boards witd an alternating nominal voltage up to 1000 Volts or a direct voltage up to 750 volts. Generally install in pipes or ducts and internal wiring of appliances witd maximum operating temperature of 90? C,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, and generally in areas (such as public and government buildings) where smoke and toxic fumes may cause a tdreat to life and equipment. The cables produce no corrosive gasses when burnt which is particularly important where electronic quipment is installed.Standard and ApprovalHD 22.9 S2VDE-0282 Part-9BS 7211IEC 60754-2EN 50267VDE 0482-267CE Low VoltageDirective 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EECROHS compliantCable Construction1 Solid bare copper single wire to IEC 60228 Cl-1(H05Z-U / H07Z-U)Bare copper strands to IEC 60228 Cl-2 (H07Z-R)2 Cross-link polyolefin EI5 core insulationCores to VDE-0293 colorsLSOH - low smoke, zero halogenTechnical CharacteristicsWORKING VOLTAGE: 300/500v (H05Z-U), 450/750v (H07Z-U / H07Z-R)TEST VOLTAGE: 2500 voltsFLEXING BENDING RADIUS: 15 x ?STATIC BENDING RADIUS: 10 x ?FLEXING TEMPERATURE: +5 ?C to +90 ?CSHORT CIRCUIT TEMPERATURE: +250 ?CFLAME RETARDANT: IEC 60332.1INSULATION RESISTANCE: 10 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES X NOMINAL CROSS SECTIONAL AREANOMINAL THICKNESS OF INSULATIONNOMINAL OVERALL DIAMETERNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHTNOMINAL WEIGHT# X MM?MMMMKG/KMKG/KMH05Z-U201 x x 0.750.62.27.212171 x x 1.50,72.814.420141 x 2.50,83.32430121 x 40,83.83845101 x 60,84.3586581 x 101,05.596105H07Z-R16(7/24)1 x x x 40.84.1394910(7/18)1 x 60.84.758718(7/16)1 x 1016.0961146(7/14)1 x 1616.81541724(7/12)1 x 251.28.42402652(7/10)1 x 351.29.33363601(19/13)1 x 501.410.94804872/0(19/11)1 x 701,412.66726833/0(19/10)1 x 951,614.79129464/0(37/12)1 x 1201,616.011521174300MCM(37/11)1 x 1501,817.914401448350MCM(37/10)1 x 1852,020.017761820500MCM(61/11)1 x 2402,222.723042371
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