Date: 17th June 2016
German Standard Industrial Cables N2XYApplication and DescriptionN2XY power cables with insulation of cross-linked polyetdylene (XLPE) are designed for distribution and supply of consumers witd nominal voltage 0.6/1 kV and frequency 50 Hz in industrial installations and urban networks. They are suitable for fixed indoor assembly in cable ducts and conduits,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, over shelves and grilles, directly underground in ditch and outdoor under shelters providing the conditions determined for the type of cable.Standard and ApprovalVDE-0276 Part-603, HD 603.1, IEC 60502, VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1, CE Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC, ROHS compliantCable Construction- Solid or stranded, plain copper conductor- to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 1 or cl. 2, BS 6360 cl. 1 or cl. 2 and IEC 60228 cl. 1 or cl. 2- XLPE insulation type DIX3 acc. to VDE 0276-603/5G- Color coded to DIN VDE 0293(HD 308)- PVC filler- PVC outer jacket DMV6 to HD 603.1Technical Characteristics- Working voltage: 600/1000 volts- Test voltage: 4000 volts- Minimum bending radius: 15 x ?- Flexing temperature: -5? C to +70? C- Fixed installation temperature: - 30? C to +70? C- Short circuit temperature: +250? C- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1- Insulation resistance: 20 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES XNOMINAL CROSSSECTIONAL AREA# X MM?CONDUCTORTYPETHICKNESS OF INSULATION MMTHICKNESS OF SHEATH MMNOMINALOVERALL DIAMETER MMCOPPER WEIGHT KG / KMCABLE WEIGHT KG / KM61x16rm0.71.811.014423041x25rm0.91.812.522834021x35rm0.91.813.531744511x50rm1.01,815.54546052/01x70rm1.11.817.06568003/01x95rm1.11.819.091110654/01x120rm1.21.821.011471320300mcm1x150rm1.41.823.014151610350mcm1x185rm1.61.825.517701925500mcm1x240rm1.71.828.523272483750mcm1x300rm1.81.831.028873058-1x400rm2.01.935.036923887-1x500rm2.22.038.54725493762x16rm0.71.819.529464542x25rm0.91.823.046694522x35rm0.92.025.5646123512x50rm1.02.029.0924168063x16rm0.71.820.544180543x25rm0.92.024.5699122023x35rm0.92.027.0969157513x50sm1.02.024.5138717652/03x70sm1.12.028.0189723503/03x95sm1.12.031.0263131454/03x120sm1.22.034.033243915300mcm3x150sm1.42.237.040844820350mcm3x185sm1.62.242.051236045500mcm3x240sm1.72.647.567337885123x4.0+2.5re0.7/0.71.813.5135328103x6.0+4re0.7/0.71.815.020544583x10+6re0.7/0.71.817.033861163x16+10re0.7/0.71.820.54186843x25+16rm0.9/
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