Date: 17th June 2016
NF M 87-202 EISF
wNF M 87-202 EISFAPPLICATIONThese NF M 87-202 EISF instrumentation cables are used to transmit analogue or digital signals in easurement and process control where chemicals may be present.Standards References:NF M 87-202UTE C 32-014NF C 32-020IEC 60332-1IEC 60332-3-24Conductor:Solid or Stranded copper conductorInsulation:PVC (70 mm maximum pair length)Individual Binder Tape:Polyster tapeIndividual Screen:Aluminium/polyester tapeIndividual Sheath:PVCOverall Binder Tape :Polyster tapeCollective Screen:Aluminium/polyester tapeOuter Sheath:PVC (Flame retardant,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, sunlight, mineral oil and hydrocarton resistant)Outer Sheath Colour:Light-blueCore identification:ColoursNaturalRedBlueYellow1 pairXX1 tripleXXX1 quadXXXXCharacteristicsVoltage Rationg: 300/500VOperating Temperature: -40?C/+90?CInstallation Temperature: MAX+50?CMaximum Voltage: 250VVoltage Test: 2000VMaximum conductor d.c. Resistance:Conductor SizeOhm/km at +20?C1/0.80mm(0.50 sqmm)37.507/0.40mm(0.88 sqmm)21.407/0.53mm(1.50 sqmm)12.50Capacitance between cond. (nf/km):0.5 sqmm ? 1450.88 sqmm ? 1601.50 sqmm ? 180Type/codification:1 SerieNumber of pairs, triples or quads / 01 to 272 SerieLay up in pair(IP) ,triple (IT) , quads (IQ)3 SerieCore section 05 (0.5mm2) , 09 (0.88 mm2) or 15(1.5mm2)4 SerieOverall screen(EG) or individual screen + overall screen(EI)5 SerieMechanical protection: without armour (SF), with armour (FA), with lead + armour(PF)Natural cores printed with pair/triple numberDimensions and Weight:NF M 87-202Number of beams x cross sectionCond.mm2Outer Diameter(mm)Weight(kg/km)Min.Max.03 IP 05 EISF3X2X0.500.5011.1012.8018007 IP 05 EISF7X2X0.500.5015.4017.7033512 IP 05 EISF12X2X0.500.5019.8022.8054519 IP 05 EISF19X2X0.500.5024.5028.1082027 IP 05 EISF27X2X0.500.5028.9033.20113503 IP 09 EISF3X2X0.880.8813.5015.5027007 IP 09 EISF7X2X0.880.8819.0021.8050012 IP 09 EISF12X2X0.880.8824.5028.1082019 IP 09 EISF19X2X0.880.8830.3034.80112027 IP 09 EISF27X2X0.880.8835.8041.10170001 IP 15 EISF1X2X1.501.507.208.409007 IT 05 EISF7X3X0.500.5016.9019.4042512 IT 05 EISF12X3X0.500.5021.5024.6069507 IT 09 EISF7X3X0.880.8820.6023.7065512 IT 09 EISF12X3X0.880.8826.5030.40104501 IT 15 EISF1X3X1.501.507.508.80110
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