Date: 17th June 2016
German Standard Industrial Cables NYCYApplication and DescriptionNYCY cables are used in power plants,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, industrial and switching installations, for street lighting, domestic power supply connections, in secondary distribution networks and other. These cables are preferentially used for underground application as well as for interior installation in room and cable ducts and for outdoor and applications, for indoor installations, in the open air, underground and in water where greater mechanicalStandard and ApprovalVDE0276 part 603, CENELEC HD603 S1, IEC 605027 cores and above to VDE0276 part 627, CENELEC HD627 S1, IEC 60502Cable Construction- Solid plain copper conductor- to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 1 and IEC 60228 cl. 1- PVC insulation DIV4 to HD 603.1- Color coded to DIN VDE 0293-308, 0276 part 603 or HD 186- PVC filling and bedding- Concentric conductor: copper wires and helical copper tape- PVC outer jacket DMV5 to HD 603.1Technical Characteristics- Working voltage: 600/1000 volts- Test voltage: 4000 volts- Flexing bending radius: 15 x ?- Static bending radius: 12 x ?- Flexing temperature: -5? C to +50? C- Fixed installation temperature: - 40? C to +70? C- Short circuit temperature: +160? C- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1- Insulation resistance: >100 M? x kmCable ParameterAWGNO. OF CORES XNOMINAL CROSSSECTIONAL AREA# X MM?CONDUCTORTYPENOMINALOVERALL DIAMETER MMNOMINAL COPPER WEIGHT KG/KMNOMINAL CABLE WEIGHT KG/KM81 x 10.0re/101121628061 x 16.0re/1612336440162 x 1.5re/1.51352205142 x 2.5re/2.513.580270122 x 4.0re/415.5123360102 x 6.0re/61718243582 x 10.0re/1019.531259062 x 16.0re/1620.5489820163 x 1.5re/1.513.566225143 x 2.5re/2.514.5104290123 x 4.0re/416.5161400103 x 6.0re/617.524051083 x 10.0re/102040885063 x 16.0re/16236431080164 x 1.5re/1.514.581260144 x 2.5re/2.515.5128350124 x 4.0re/417200470104 x 6.0re/618.529759084 x 10.0re/102150490064 x 16.0re/16237961250165 x 1.5re/1.51595330145 x 2.5re/2.516152400125 x 4.0re/419238560105 x 6.0re/62135571085 x 10.0re/10236001000167 x 1.5re/1.515124320167 x 1.5re/2.516133350147 x 2.5re/2.517.5200450127 x 4.0re/421315670107 x 6.0re/624470790168 x 1.5re/1.517138380168 x 1.5re/2.517147400148 x 2.5re/2.5182245101610 x 1.5re/2.5191764401410 x 2.5re/420.52866001612 x 1.5re/2.5202055001412 x 2.5re/4213346601614 x 1.5re/2.520.52345401414 x 2.5re/4223827601414 x 2.5re/622.54038001616 x 1.5re/4222766001416 x 2.5re/6234519101619 x 1.5re/4233206901419 x 2.5re/623.55239501621 x 1.5re/6243698101421 x 2.5re/62657111001624 x 1.5re/6264138601424 x 2.5re/102869613001630 x 1.5re/62749912301430 x 2.5re/103084016101640 x 1.5re/103069615901440 x 2.5re/1035108021001652 x 1.5re/103286918201452 x 2.5re/1038136825001661 x 1.5re/103399820001461 x 2.5re/104015842850
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