Date: 17th June 2016
P1 Or P1/P8 RFOU/TFOU 0.6/1KV NEK606 Cable
P1 or P1/P8 RFOU/TFOU 0.6/1KV NEK606 Power cableApplications :Marine cables are flame retardant,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, low smoke, halogen free and mud resistant, used for control, power and lighting systems.Standards :IEC 60092-353; IEC 60092-351; IEC 60092-359; IEC 60332-1; IEC 60332-3-22; IEC 60754-1,2; IEC 61034-1,2; NEK 606:2004Conductors :Tinned annealed stranded copper to IEC 60228 class 2.Insulation:Halogen-free EPR. XLPE can be offered as an option (for TFOU cable).Bedding :Halogen free compound.Armour :Tinned copper wire braid.Outer Sheath :Halogen free thermosetting compound, SHF2 (for TYPE P1). Halogen free, mud resistant thermosetting compound, SHF MUD (for TYPE P1/P8), coloured black.Electrical Characteristics :Nominal Cross Section Areamm?1.52.546101625355070Nominal Conductor Diametermm1. DC Resistant@20??/km12.27.564.73.111.841.160.7340.5290.3910.27Continuous Current Rating@45?1 CoreA233040527296127157196242Continuous Current Rating@45?2 CoreA202634446182108133167206Continuous Current Rating@45? 3&4 CoreA16212836506789110137169Short Circuit Current 1sA2103605708601430229035805010715010020Operating VoltageKV0.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/1Nominal Cross Section Areamm?95120150185240300400500630Nominal Conductor Diametermm12.213.815.117.019.621.924.627.632.5Maximum DC Resistant@20??/km0.1950.1540.1260.10.07620.06070.04750.03690.0286Continuous Current Rating@45?1 CoreA293339389444522601690780890Continuous Current Rating@45?2 CoreA249288331444444511587663757Continuous Current Rating@45?3&4 CoreA205237272311365421483546623Short Circuit Current 1sA135901717021460264703434042930572307154090140Operating VoltageKV0.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/10.6/1Note: For more than 4-cores, the current ratings may be calculated from the following formula (IN=I1/ ?? N ), I1= Current rating for 1-core, N = Number of cores.Ambient Temperature Correction Factors :Ambient Temperature Correction Factors35404550556065707580Rating Factor1. and Thermal Properties :Bending Radius : 8?OD (during installation); 6?OD (fixed installed).Temperature Range : -20? ~ +90?.Dimensions and Weight :Construction No. of ? ? ?cores?Cross section ? ? ?(mm?)Nominal Insulation Thickness mmNominal Sheath Thickness ? ? ?mmNominal Overall Diameter mmNominal Weight ? ? ?kg/kmInnerOuter1? For XLPE insulated cable, a thinner insulation thickness is applied.
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