Date: 17th June 2016
XLPE Insulated, LSZH Sheathed, Individual And Overall Screened Instrumentation Cables (Multipair)
XLPE Insulated,Website:http://www.ue-cable.com, LSZH Sheathed, Individual and Overall Screened Instrumentation Cables (Multipair)RE-2X(St)H Pimf 90?C / 300VSTANDARDSBasic design to EN 50288-7APPLICATIONInstrument cable minimizes noise and signal interference, delivering clean signals in harsh environments and general manufacturing operations. ? ? ?The ?LSZH sheathed cables are generally used when the risk of mechanical damage is increased. ?Generally, the cables are used within industrial process manufacturing plants for communication, data and voice transmission signals and services. Also used for the interconnection of electrical equipment and instruments, the LSZH sheath can reduce toxic smoke and fume emission.FIRE PERFORMANCEFlame Retardance (Single Vertical Wire Test)EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1-2; BS EN 60332-1-2; VDE 0482-332-1; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F1); NF C32-070-2.1(C2);CEI 20-35/1-2; EN 50265-2-1*; DIN VDE 0482-265-2-1*Reduced Fire Propagation (Vertically-mounted bundled wires & cable test)EN 60332-3-24 (cat. C); IEC 60332-3-24; BS EN 60332-3-24; VDE 0482-332-3; NBN C 30-004 (cat. F2); NF C32-070-2.2(C1); CEI 20-22/3-4; EN 50266-2-4*; DIN VDE 0482-266-2-4Halogen FreeIEC 60754-1; EN 50267-2-1; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-1;CEI 20-37/2-1 ; BS 6425-1*No Corrosive Gas EmissionIEC 60754-2; EN 50267-2-2; DIN VDE 0482-267-2-2;CEI 20-37/2-2 ; BS 6425-2*Minimum Smoke EmissionIEC 61034-1&2; EN 61034 -1&2; DIN VDE 0482-1034-1&2;CEI 20-37/3-1&2; EN 50268-1&2*; BS 7622-1&2*No Toxic gasesNES 02-713; NF C 20-454Sunlight ResistanceUL 1581 section 1200Oil ResistanceICEA S-73-532**Note: Asterisk * denotes superseded standard, ** denotes Test temperature +60?C, duration 4h. Retention: min 60% of tensile strength/min.60% of elongation, *** denotes optional.VOLTAGE RATING300VCABLE CONSTRUCTIONConductor:Annealed copper solid or plain copper stranded to IEC 60228 Class 2.Insulation:Extruded cross-linked XLPE compound, EN 50290. 2-29.Pairs:Two insulated conductors uniformly twisted together with a lay not exceeding 100mmIndividual Screen:Aluminium/polyester tape is applied over each pair metallic side down in contact with tinned copper drain wire, 0.5mm?Binder tape:PETP transparent tapeOverall Screen:Aluminium/polyester tape is applied over the laid up pairs metallic side down in contact with tinned copper drain wire, 0.5mm?Outer Sheath:Thermoplastic LSZH compound type LTS3 as per BS 7655-6.1 (Thermosetting LSZH compound type SW2-SW4 as per BS 7655-2.6 can be offered.). UV resistance, hydrocarbon resistance, oil resistance, anti rodent and anti termite properties can be offered as option.COLOUR CODEInsulation:Black / White, continuously numbered on white core(1, 2..)for multipair.Outer Sheath:Black or blue for intrinsically safe systemsPhysical AND THERMAL PROPERTIESTemperature Range During Operation (Fixed State):-30?C ? +90?CTemperature Range During Installation (Mobile State):-5?C ? +50?CMinimum Bending Radius:7.5 X Overall DiameterCONSTRUCTION PARAMETERSCable CodeRE-2X(St)H PiMFNo. of Pairsx2xCross SectionNominalInsulationThicknessNominalOuter SheathThicknessNominalOverallDiameterApprox.WeightNo.x2xmm2mmmmmmkg/km0.5mm2, MultipairRE-2X(St)H PiMF 2P0.52x2x0.50.350.98.785RE-2X(St)H PiMF 4P0.53x2x0.50.351.010.2120RE-2X(St)H PiMF 5P0.54x2x0.50.351.011.2145RE-2X(St)H PiMF 6P0.55x2x0.50.351.012.1170RE-2X(St)H PiMF 8P0.58x2x0.50.351.113.1214RE-2X(St)H PiMF 10P0.510x2x0.50.351.215.1265RE-2X(St)H PiMF 12P0.512x2x0.50.351.215.7286RE-2X(St)H PiMF 16P0.516x2x0.50.351.217.8380RE-2X(St)H PiMF 20P0.520x2x0.50.351.319.7475RE-2X(St)H PiMF 24P0.524x2x0.50.351.421.55610.75mm2, MultipairRE-2X(St)H PiMF 2P0.752x2x0.750.381.09.7101RE-2X(St)H PiMF 4P0.753x2x0.750.381.011.2159RE-2X(St)H PiMF 5P0.754x2x0.750.381.112.5183RE-2X(St)H PiMF 6P0.755x2x0.750.381.113.6215RE-2X(St)H PiMF 8P0.758x2x0.750.381.114.4272RE-2X(St)H PiMF 10P0.7510x2x0.750.381.216.6333RE-2X(St)H PiMF 12P0.7512x2x0.750.381.217.4383RE-2X(St)H PiMF 16P0.7516x2x0.750.381.319.8492RE-2X(St)H PiMF 20P0.7520x2x0.750.381.422.0603RE-2X(St)H PiMF 24P0.7524x2x0.750.381.524.07041.0mm2, MultipairRE-2X(St)H PiMF 2P1.02x2x1. PiMF 4P1.03x2x1. PiMF 5P1.04x2x1. PiMF 6P1.05x2x1. PiMF 8P1.08x2x1. PiMF 10P1.010x2x1. PiMF 12P1.012x2x1.00.41.319.0454RE-2X(St)H PiMF 16P1.016x2x1.00.41.321.5601RE-2X(St)H PiMF 20P1.020x2x1.00.41.423.9719RE-2X(St)H PiMF 24P1.024x2x1.00.41.526.18841.3mm2, MultipairRE-2X(St)H PiMF 2P1.32x2x1.30.451.011.4153RE-2X(St)H PiMF 4P1.33x2x1.30.451.113.4208RE-2X(St)H PiMF 5P1.34x2x1.30.451.114.8263RE-2X(St)H PiMF 6P1.35x2x1.30.451.216.3318RE-2X(St)H PiMF 8P1.38x2x1.30.451.317.6406RE-2X(St)H PiMF 10P1.310x2x1.30.451.320.0501RE-2X(St)H PiMF 12P1.312x2x1.30.451.421.1552RE-2X(St)H PiMF 16P1.316x2x1.30.451.524.1728RE-2X(St)H PiMF 20P1.320x2x1.30.451.626.8892RE-2X(St)H PiMF 24P1.324x2x1.30.451.729.210671.5mm2, MultipairRE-2X(St)H PiMF 2P1.52x2x1.50.451.011.8164RE-2X(St)H PiMF 4P1.53x2x1.50.451.113.9235RE-2X(St)H PiMF 5P1.54x2x1.50.451.215.5289RE-2X(St)H PiMF 6P1.55x2x1.50.451.216.9366RE-2X(St)H PiMF 8P1.58x2x1.50.451.318.2446RE-2X(St)H PiMF 10P1.510x2x1.50.451.421.0565RE-2X(St)H PiMF 12P1.512x2x1.50.451.421.9637RE-2X(St)H PiMF 16P1.516x2x1.50.451.525.1828RE-2X(St)H PiMF 20P1.520x2x1.50.451.627.81024RE-2X(St)H PiMF 24P1.524x2x1.50.451.730.41219Note : Other conductor sizes & core configurations are available upon requestElectrical PROPERTIESConductor Area Sizemm 20.50.751.01.31.5Insulation thickness (nominal)mm0. resistance (20?C)?/km36.72518.514.212.3Insulation resistance (20?C)M?.km(Min.)5000Mutual Capacitance (1 kHz)pF/m(Max.)115InductancemH/km (Max.)1L / R (ratio) (max.)?H/?2525254040Operating voltage UrmsV300Test VoltageCore to CoreV1500Core to ScreenV1500
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